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With the launch of my new website design, I decided to add a blog page (although I am not sure why), maybe because some new things are occurring for me this year.  As always, I am looking for some wonderful creativity and wish to embrace it whole-heartedly!

At this time I am thinking that I would like to chat about my images, maybe approaching this one image at a time.  Kind of funny actually, since one of the reasons for being a visual artist is to not have to use words at all, but I am finding that over the years my vision and style are changing and it is happening without me even consciously thinking about it, so now I would like to expand myself and put some words to an image, as well as my thought process.

I am thinking also that it might be interesting to post “tips” of photography that are of a nature of “how to”, and perhaps some  “artistic insights”, which may be useful to someone, or possibly no one.

So with that….

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